If a teacher or parent request a student come to GCPL to do remote learning, they may do so with the following requirements:


A parent must accompany the student the first time they come in if the student will

be in the building for more than one hour.  The parent must sign an agreement that the

student is in the building for remote learning and must following all library policies

while here.  The library must have a cell number or a number where the parent can be

reached in the event the student needs to be picked up.  If the parent cannot be

reached, local police or sheriff will be called to take the student home.


Needed food or drinks must be brought in by the student, as the library will not

provide lunch or drinks.  (The water fountains are turned off due to Covid-19). 

An area in the meeting room will be available for lunch or snack breaks.


The maximum number of students in the building for remote learning is 8; first come, first serve basis.


The library is operating with 50% staff; therefore, library staff is not available to assist students.  Students must do their assignments on their own, or with the assistance of a parent or guardian.

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